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  • Design Research
    • PhD in Design
    • I apply video game design to user engagement challenges
  • Soft skills:  ‘glue’ role but techie core
    • Experienced public speaker / facilitator
    • Engineers like me. I am a techie designer. I code.
    • I build bridges: artists <—> engineers <—> VP
    • I love hearing from users, plus marketing, company advisors, customers
  •  Tools
    • Axure (wireframe, UX prototyping)
    • Photoshop (UX prototyping
    • Powerpoint, Google Docs, Office suite (team communication)
    • Google Forms, Mechanical Turk (user research)
    • Python (scripting, prototyping)
    • Unity / C# (app, game mechanics prototyping)
    • 3DS Max (game production)
    • Asset Management Systems e.g. Git, SVN (content production)