Physician App

  • role: UX Lead
    • research users
    • create product concept
    • create clickable prototype
    • quick user test
    • design product (MVP)
    • create product UX

User Research

We interviewed users (physicians) and produced finding report for stakeholders. The confidential report gave demographic data, and qualitative data

  • daily use of digital tools
  • problems and friction points
  • unmet needs that suggest new digital tools

Actual report is confidential. Here is a similar Sample Report from a different project.

Aesthetics – Colors, Font, Layout

I to inform color, font, and layout design choices I developed Style Guides (artboards with guidance).

User Personas and Stories (not shown).

I convened and ran design meetings with funders, users, and developers. We:

  • created personas (not shown)
  • wrote user stories (epics)
  • Identified product concepts

Product Concept

I developed a mockup of each product concept and presented to users, collected feedback, coded, and shared and discussed with team.

A second product concept,

Example Clickable Prototype

This mockup shows two key features: secure messaging and mobile note-taking.