Written Publications

Academic Papers and Lectures

Whitkin, Josh (2013). “Battlefood: A Design Journey”,  Games for Health Europe, August 25 2013,  Amsterdam, Holland.

Whitkin, Josh (2011) with Ingrid Richardson, Mark Cypher, Sam Hinton, Andrew Hutchison, John McMullan, “Remix, Mash-Up, Share”, EDULEARN: International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, 4-6 July 2011, Barcelona, Spain.

Whitkin, Josh (submitted), Chapter with Ingrid Richardson, Mark Cypher, Sam Hinton, Andrew Hutchison, John McMullan. Authors: Cathy Gunn & Lorraine Stefani, Embedding Academic Literacies and eLearning: Research, Concepts and Case Studies

Whitkin, Josh (submitted) with Dr. Michael Broderick: “Assessing Mental Models built with Learning Games”, Cultural Studies and the Research of (Digital) Games at the 9th International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference in Paris, France, from July 2nd to 6th, 2012, UNESCO

Whitkin, Josh (2009) with Dr. Michael Broderick, Shri Rai, and Alice Gorman:
“Designing the Virtual for Immersive Heritage Experiences”, Australian Archaeological Association Conference 2009, 11th – 14th December at Flinders University, Australia

Trade / Industry Publications

Note: I changed my last name from White to Whitkin in 2005.

 White, Josh (2000) Real-time 3D Modeling [Chapter]. In Ackley, Laura; Miller, Phil; Abouaf, Jeffrey; Maffei, Pia (2000): Inside 3D Studio Max v3, Berkeley: New Riders   ISBN: 073570905X, 1349 pages.

White, Josh (1996): Designing 3D Graphics, New York: John Wiley & Sons ISBN: 0471149268, 383 pages, CD-ROM.  Reviews and details here.

Published Magazine Articles


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