Score the Activity-Goal Alignment (AGA)
of a Learning Game

This is a tool for you, a learning game designer, to understand the activity-goal alignment of an existing game. (What is AGA? Read this)

This is not a test or survey; instead, the form guides your thinking as you learn how AGA might be useful.


What game are you scoring?

Envision a typical play experience (e.g. classroom/home, alone or with parents/friends, hardware and controls, player persona / age motivation etc). Describe it:

In the window below, you will name the activity and goal(s), and relate them in a Venn diagram. (see example)

This diagram tool allows only one activity, so choose the most important one (the core mechanic). You may wish to do this again if your game has more than one core mechanic.

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(to save this diagram, capture the screen)

Often, activity-goal relationships are too complex for a diagram to capture. Discuss the relationships in your diagram. Note missing important factors (e.g. where, in the player experience, does learning really occur?

You are ready to assign an activity-goal alignment score. For each learning goal, note how closely it aligns to the activity / activities. Use a percentage score or just "low/high' (see example here).

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