I research and design digital experiences.  My approach combines theory from my PhD with 20+ years of technical production experience in consumer electronics and video games.

I have created a number of tech “firsts” in smartphones, toys, and video games. I have contributed to over 50 products including top-selling electronic toys, innovative health apps, and smash hit video games.

logos-2015Most of my work has been in digital entertainment, healthcare, consumer electronics, and social services.


I collaborate in, build, and lead product teams, typically in Silicon Valley style ‘lean startup’ models.

  • Gather, develop ideas into a product concept. Help stakeholders design ‘idea pipeline’ (criteria, process)
  • Create low-fidelity prototypes (paper, sketches, mockups)
  • Preproduction (semi-functional and functional prototypes, write specs)
  • Production (recruiting and managing production teams, agile product design)


  • Needs discovery (ethnographic field interviews, lab focus groups, co-design)
  • User Testing during production (field trials, focus groups, tech/performance, efficacy estimates “Rapid Eval” method)
  • Academic Efficacy Study (lit review, instrument design, IRB approval; recruiting, screening, interviewing, coding, analysis, report writing)

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