Complete list of products

TitleForDeveloperYear My roleNotes
GuidelineCurrentsSmartphoneHealth2047 Inc.2016DesignUser research; interactive prototype design, production
Physician AppSmartphoneHealth2047 Inc.2016DesignUser research; interactive prototype design, production
Surviving IndependenceTablet, WebNorthwest Media2015PI, DesignLed design and production. Designed and conducted efficacy testing, grant report writing
ScrollquestWeb, PCCommittee for Children2015PI, DesignLed design and production. Designed and conducted efficacy testing, grant report writing
InTouchTablet, WebNorthwest Media2014PI, DesignLed design and production. Designed and conducted efficacy testing, grant report writing
[social network]WebXeodesign2013DesignerI developed concepts and improved design of a secret social network for Nicole Lazzaro’s Xeodesign
BattlefoodWeb, PCYAWCRC2012Lead Designer, ProducerLed design, experimental methods, and production of TF2 style nutrition learning game, part of YAWCRC cocreation project
Zombie PollutionWebYAWCRC2012PI, DesignCodesign, design, and production of 2D casual persuasive game
Induction Training GamePCSentient Tech.2011DesignProvided design advice and recruiting for a employee induction training game
Aulani Tabletop GamesCustom (PC)Disney Resorts2011LeadI led a team of student artists to build 3D artwork (models, textures, animations) for a Unity children’s multitouch tabletop game currently used in Aunty’s room, in Disney’s Aulani Resort
[learning game]WebXeodesign2011DesignerI developed concepts and improved design of a secret learning game for Nicole Lazzaro’s Xeodesign
Interzone FutebolPCInterzone2008Art Director / Studio DirectorAs the first art director this MMO soccer game, I was responsible for creating art team, game’s initial art style, production pipelines, producing thousands of art assets.
VideoNow XPToyHasbro2005core team memberI was responsible for producing 120 PVD titles (a PVD title is similar to a DVD). We also designed, built, shipped about 20 mini-games. I helped design and develop the gaming features.
VideoNow ColorToyHasbro2004core team memberI was responsible for producing 180 PVD titles (a PVD title is similar to a DVD). We also designed menu UI, produced logo graphic animation, and many other roles.
Nitrogen Smartphone - customBlue Mug / NTT2002Product ManagerBefore iOS, I designed a suite of mobile games and productivity applications (email, calendar, notes) for a startup
SlateSmartphone - customSlate Computing2001Product ManagerI guided hardware feature design, and helped engineers build OS and applications for this prototype mobile computing device for a startup company.
WandaPCNVidia2000Designer, Producer, ManagerDesigned, wrote script, hired voice actors, character animators. Designed technical highlights (e.g. overlaying layers of alpha-blended hair), NVidia displayed Wanda at GDC and other trade shows.
Smartcraft SimPCU.S. Department of Energy / Mercury Marine2000Consultant, ArtistBuilt 3D models of boats, effects animation, and did much consulting and training for this VR powerboat simulation / sales demo
ZoomPCNVidia1999Designer, Producer, ManagerDesigned and produced "Powers of Ten" style multi-scale 3D demo for NVidia graphics hardware.
AnsiblePCLincroft1999ManagerCreated 3D models for IGC demo of tunnel-based space shooter RT3D game. Tech: subtractive lighting
Descent IIIPCOutrage1999ManagerMy company built about thirty RT3D assets for this sequel to hit game Descent.
Aladdin: Fate of AgrabahPCGravity1998technical art ConsultantSolved art tech performance issues (Modified 3D models, adding BSP trees)
Electric Communities ChatPCElectric Communities1998Art Producer, ManagerManaged production of twenty 3D models of avatars for this early massively multiplayer online community site, under noted virtual communities pioneer Randy Farmer
Intel 3D Hardware demoPCIntel Labs1998Manager, DesignerDesigned, built, and managed other Artists building RT3D models (space ship, tunnel) and animations for Intel's 3D hardware demo.
Fluid3D WebOZ Interactive1998Designer, Producer, ManagerDesigned concept, wrote script collaboratively, and managed production of short film of Ibit, a cute alien character. Film was played in "Fluid3D", streaming RT3D file format that Real Networks supported for a while.
Legoland IslandPCMindscape1997Manager, Consultant, ArtistManaged art team. Built RT3D models and Lego assembly animations
Interactive Music ApplicationPCHarmonix1997ManagerManaged team to build 3D and 2D backdrops for interactive music application.
NewfirePCNewfire1997ConsultantBuilt 3D demo models, gave seminars on Newfire's RT3D game engine.
Celestial ChamberPCNvidia / WinBench1997Designer, Manager, tech Consultant, ArtistDesigned tech 3D models, textures, and animations fpr NVidia's 1st hit GPU, Riva 128. Used in WinBench99's RT3D demo for graphics hardware. Coder: Brian Hook
Worlds ChatPCWorlds Inc1997Manager, tech Consultant, ArtistBuilt RT3D props, avatars for this online massively multiplayer RT3D chat application that received intense media coverage (during peak of "VR/web" media hype).
Zone RaidersPCImage Space Inc.1996 Designer, ManagerI and my employees built most of the levels (tracks) for this first-person driving shooter.
VillagePCCoyote Software1996Designer, ConsultantI built vehicles, street scene for a realistic city-based RT3D edutainment demo
Toshinden (port)PCDigital Dialect1996ArtistI modified existing RT3D fighting character artwork for port to PC from console
LocusPCZombie1996Designer, ArtistI designed and created RT3D models for "lead character" ship, goals, mockups of tracks for rollerball-style sports sim/game
E3 Flight Sim demoPC (VR)Ken Hilton1996ManagerConstruction of landscapes, other 3D models for jet fighter game demo. Notable for early use of RT3D fog.
Diesel: Truck Driving SimulationPC (VR)Sense81996ManagerManaged Artists, designed low poly vehicles for VR truck driving simulator. Early use of photograph-based modelling (building 3D models from silhouettes in photos)
F1 racing simulatorPC (VR / custom)Sense81995 Lead Artist, E43Technical consultation and construction of high-res RT3D racetracks for full-hydraulic immersive F1 simulation. Numerous novel technical achievements
LegionsPCMindscape1995ManagerManaged contractor art team that built numerous RT3D buildings and other assets for medieval RPG
007 demoPCDigital Dialect1995ArtistDuring concept phase ("James Bond in Venice"), I created a key vehicle, other 3D models for this unpublished action game demo
WinHEC ModelsPCNVidia1995ManagerConsulted on technical capacity, managed art team that refined, cleaned and added reflection maps and other technical features to stock 3D models of vehicles into RT3D models used NVidia's promotion at WinHEC.
Metal MarinesPCMindscape1995ArtistI built 3D buildings, rendered for 2D tile art, for this mech warrior style 2.5D game.
Hitachi demoPCNew Science Interactive1995ArtistCreated 3D pre-rendered animation of paper crane folding origami for a flashy 3D introduction to a 2D multimedia presentation.
Sailboat demoPC (VR)Sense81995Lead Artist, ConsultantTechnical consultation and construction of all RT3D art assets for immersive sailboat simulator. demonstrated at Fakespace conference exhibits for years, used in SGI Indy3D performance benchmark software
Architecture demoPC (VR)Sense81995Lead ArtistBuilt and managed subcontractors to build RT3D models of condominiums for real estate sales application
RT3D House VisualizationPC (VR)Sense81995Lead ArtistBuild real-time 3D model of house exterior for virtual real estate
Network VisualizationPC (VR)Sense81995Lead ArtistBuilt all RT3D models for innovative visualization of data network, overlying logical flow on physical world
Scuba demoPC (VR)Gravity1995Artistcreated RT3D Titanic ship model, other underwater models for Scuba 3D sim demo
SimCity 3D PCLeaping Lizard1994Lead Artist; ManagerI both built artwork and managed a small team of subcontractors to build RT3D models of 2D SimCity tiles. We build hundreds of textured models of houses, commercial buildings, etc. The game was never released.
Marsokhod TelepresencePC (VR)Sense81994Lead ArtistBuilt RT3D model of Mars rover vehicle, other 3D objects used in NASA’s popular telepresence demo, where children remotely controlled a robotic vehicle moving over Mars terrain by steering the simulation onscreen. Widely publicized, including TV appearances.
CyberClashConsoleMonkey Business1994Lead ArtistI designed and built RT3D models and animations of cybernetic mythical creatures for this complex, fantasy fight/explore 3D game for the rare 3DO console. Development was completed but project was canned at the last minute.
AscentPCGravity1994ArtistCreated RT3D art and helped debug technical problems for this rock-hopping minigame which was bundled with Creative Labs' graphics accelerators.
Descent IPCParallax1994 Consultant, DesignerI wrote the backstory and designed and built 1st-gen RT3D models of enemy characters, as well as alpha-testing and other minor roles for the smash-hit RT3D action game Descent.
GrandeurPCJohn Ratcliff1994Designer, Lead ArtistI built all 3D assets for this new-age edutainment product demo (never released). Researched native American art style and culture.
Mavis Beacon Typing v5PCMindscape1993 ArtistI built a prerendered 3D laptop keyboard used as 2D backdrop during typing tests
Paperboy 2094 PC (VR)Sense81993co-Lead ArtistBuilt RT3D models, including extremely low-polygon human figure, used in a Jetsons version of the old arcade "paperboy" game
VR Tank Sim GamePC (VR)Visions Of Reality1993Artist; tech ConsultantI built, mapped, the 3D models and terrain for this immersive multiplayer military arcade game
Battle over BritainConsole (Sega Genesis)Looking Glass Studios1993Lead ArtistI built pre-rendered 3D models to use for sprites for this game. Extensive sprite memory optimization, detailed palette subsampling, some 2D bitmap animation
Car & DriverPCLerner Research1992Lead ArtistUsing Deluxe Paint, and writing scripts on AutoCAD, I built almost all the art assets in this title. Tech firsts included the first use of Binary Space Partition (BSP) splitting planes; first use of texture mapping, 6DOF in PC driving game.
Golf demoPCLerner Research1992Lead Artistsame as UWI above
Ultima Underworld IIPCLooking Glass Studios1992Lead ArtistI built all the 3D models in this title, including boats and bridges, onyx, rocks, etc.
F22Console (Sega Genesis)Lerner Research1991Lead ArtistI designed and built all 3D art, for 1st real-time 3D game on a Sega Genesis
Ultima Underworld IPCLooking Glass Studios1991ArtistI built all the actual 3D artwork in cooperation with the Artists painting wall textures, and helped programmers with export & integration issues. Highly acclaimed early 3D game